RE-Elect Judge Marc Carter for the

228th District Court of Harris County, Texas


Judge Marc Carter has been the presiding judge of the 288th District of Harris County, Texas since 2003 when he was appointed by Governor Rick Perry. In his time as District Court Judge he has presided over the court with concern and compassion in serving the needs of the community of Harris County, Texas. 


Judge Carter is the creator of the Harris County Veteran's Court, the very first program of its kind in the United States.  This program is designed to intercept our combat veterans who, having suffered inconceivable trauma in war, and providing them with the assistance and direction they need instead of incarceration.


In 2016, Judge Carter was awarded the prestigious William H. Rehnquist Award for Judicial Excellence, which specifically recognizes a state court judge who possesses integrity, fairness, open mindedness, intellectual court and sound judgement. 


In 2018 The NAACP Veterans Task Force  named Judge Marc Carter as the recipient of the 2018 Jesse Brown Distinguished Leadership Award.  Judge Carter is being recognized for his military service, judicial excellence, professional ethics, sound judgement, intellectual courage, compassion and desire to help veterans who need rehabilitation and reconciliation as an alternative to incarceration.


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